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Number of posts : 880
Age : 58
Registration date : 2007-12-17

default 1st hour Your Project

on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:25 am
File One - Your Project (1st Session)

- Preparing the pupils to the project work
- Defining the project
- Organizing the grouping of the class.

Materials needed:

A large photo of a famous person (singer, painter, footballer, dancer, actor, etc ...)
Extracts from people magazines about the famous person's life and career.

Stage one: Defining the project.
1. Ask questions about the character in the photo:
- Who is he / she?
- What is his / her job?
- Where is he / she from? Etc …
2. Make pupils read the extracts from the magazines. (Different extracts from
different rows).

3. Make pupils exchange information (orally) with their friends who have a
different extract.
4. Organize the main information in order to have the character's profile
(Write a set of sentences on blackboard)
5. Introduce the word PROFILE
6. Tell the pupils that they are going to write a famous person's profile for their
project work.

Stage two: Organizing the groups of the pupils.
1. Tell pupils to make a list of famous people they know.
2. Tell the pupils to decide which one of the famous people to choose from the list.
3. If a consensus among them is not reached let pupils take a vote on this issue.
4. The grouping of the pupils: let the pupils free to organize themselves in
groups according to affinities or according to specific needs of the work and the
pupils' own abilities. Anyway, the number of groups will be given by the
teacher to fit the following points.
a- A group for collecting materials, information and data (illustration, texts,
photos, songs, etc …)
b- A group for writing the character's physical description.
c- A group for writing his/her biography.
d- A group responsible for selecting and synthesizing what is collected and
done by the other groups.
The group is also responsible for writing the final draft.
5. The schedule: let the pupils free to organize their work, to decide on the
number of meetings to hold, when and where to meet.
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