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Age : 58
Registration date : 2007-12-17

default 3rd hour

on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:29 am
File one Sequence one – Lesson two.

Objective: Pupils will write a paragraph describing a famous person.

Language forms:
• The present simple tense (what does she/he look like?)
• The present continuous tense (what is he/she wearing?)
• The preposition "in" (She is in a red dress. He always dresses in blue
jeans. ) .
Material needed:
The "Go Forward" section of the book (text about Mohammed Fellag and the
pictures of Djamila Arras, Sami Naceri and Jim Carey).
Stage one:
Preparing the pupils for the writing of the paragraph.
1. Check pupils' homework (information about the three people in the picture
page 9).
2. Ask questions about the first one (Djamila Arras)
• What's her name?
• What does she look like? Describe her.
• What does she do? (What's her job?)
• Where does she live?
3. Have the pupils organize the answers: Make them repeat the first answer,
then the first and the second, then the first, the second and the third and on
until they describe the person (orally).

Stage two:
Presenting and studying a model of paragraph about a famous person (Mohammed
1. Make the pupils read the text about Mohammed Fellag (page 9) and fill in
the table with the right information (the table is previously noted down on the blackboard by
the teacher or prepared on small papers to be given to pupils)


N.B: a noun in each box and the corresponding adjectives in the corresponding box.
2. Make pupils answer the following questions:
- What does Mohammed Fellag do?
- In what languages does he write and perform his shows?
- Where does he live?
3. Note down these information on blackboard.
(Extracts from the pupil's answers)
- Writes his shows
- performs them
- In Arabic, Tamazight or French.
- In France.

4. Tel pupils to do activity 1 (Go Forward page 9) orally.

Stage three:
Writing paragraphs.
1. Split the class into two groups.
2. Give clear instructions making pupils understand that they are going to
write paragraphs about:
- Sami Naceri (Group one)
- Jim Carey (Group two)
N.B: Pupils will use the information they have got through the homework.

3. Have the pupils write their paragraphs (Teacher has to go around the class
to give help).
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