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 First Term English Exam (2AM)

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Number of posts : 44
Registration date : 2012-11-15

PostSubject: First Term English Exam (2AM)   Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:35 pm

First Term English Exam (2AM)

Many years ago while I was living in India, I was invited at a reception
at the embassy. When I arrived, some of the guests were sitting and
smoking while others were chatting and drinking. A few couples were
dancing while a group of musicians were playing waltzes.
My friend
came to me and introduced me to some guests. Then it was time to have
dinner. We were sitting round the table eating and listening to an old
colonel talking about his army experiences when a woman suddenly
shouted: “A snake! There ‘s a snake near the window!” there was a great
panic in the room. Some guests climbed onto the table screaming; two
women fainted.
While some of us were looking for the snake
everywhere, the old colonel rushed to the veranda. A few seconds later,
we heard two shots. We were wondering about what was happening when he
entered the room, dragging a dead cobra.
Part one: 14 points.

A/ Reading comprehension (7 points)

Activity one: Reorder these events as they happened. (3 points)
We were looking for the snake.
He killed the snake.
An old colonel was talking about his army experiences.
Everybody was panic stricken.
The old colonel ran to the veranda.
Suddenly a woman saw a snake.

Activity two: read again the text and answer the questions. (2points)
Did the reception take place at the embassy?
Was the snake crawling under the table?

Activity three :(2 points) 1- Find synonyms to the following words from the text:
screamed = ………. searching = ……….
2-Find opposites to the following words from the text:
new ≠ …………. alive ≠ …………….

B/ Mastery of language. (7 points)
Activity one: -Derive nouns of occupation using suffixes.(2points)
Art ………………………..
Library ……………………….
Music ………………………
write ………………………..

Activity two: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, past simple or past continuous. (3 points)
We (to stay) in a hotel when a fire (to start) on one of the floors.
While the pupils (to do) exercises, the teacher (to look) out of the window.
We (to have) a party when the light (to go) out.

Activity three: mark the intonation at the end of the questions: (  or  ). (2 points)
What would you do if you suddenly saw a snake?
Would you call the police?

Part two: Written expression. (6 points)

you were picnicking with your friends on a beautiful spring day.
Suddenly you saw a snake. Describe what happened in a few lines. (about
six lines).

Read this passage then do the activities.

Chaplin was a great artist. He used to wear a black suit and a black
hat; and he had a little moustache. Charlie was a funny man. He was born
in 1889 in south London. His family was very poor, so he started to
work at the age of 15. Eight years later he went to USA and made famous
films. He died in 1977.

PART ONE (14 points)

Section One Reading Comprehension (7 points)
A/- Read the text and say if these statements are: TRUE or FALSE (3 points)
a- Charlie Chaplin was a funny artist.
b- He worked at the age of 15.
c- He did not go to USA.
B/- Read the text again and complete this table. (2 points)

Name Surname Date of birth Date of death
……………….. ……………….. ……………….. ………………..

C/- Find in the text the synonyms of these words. (1 point)
job = ……………… movies =………………
D/- Find in the text the opposites of these words. (1 point)
Was born ≠ ……………….. finished ≠ ………………..

Section Two Mastery of the language (7 points)
A/- Correct the mistakes in this sentence (2 points)
amina alouani were a good pupil.

B/-Classify the verbs according to the (ed) pronunciation (2 points)
started - looked - divided - joined
/t/ /d/ /id/

C/- Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (3 points)
Omar (to arrive) ……… Oran. He (to stay)……… a hotel. He (to
visit) ……….. many places. He (to give) ……….. me his photos. He (to be)
……….. very happy, his friends (to be) ………..happy too.

PART TWO (6 points)
Reorder the following statements to make a coherent paragraph.
- in Constantine.
- In 1908, he went
- He died in 1940.
- He was a great writer and a poet.
- Ibn Badis was born in 1889
- to study at El Zaitouna mosque.

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First Term English Exam (2AM)
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