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    default DZ Learning English 24/7 Facebook group

    on Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:41 pm
    DZ Learning English 24/7 Facebook group has been created for Algerian educators & Algerian Engl Teaching system as a space to share teaching experiences and practices., as an online journal to build relationships, engage in reflective practice, have interactive opportunities that develop and broaden their existing knowledge. The objectives are: 1 Excellent opportunities for teachers to search, analyse and give opinions. 2 Equal opportunities for educators to share their thoughts and opinions. 3 Effective collaboration and discussion. 4 Exceptional space where educators work to develop their professional skills. 5 Superb way to improve the already existing knowledge and discover new teaching practices from other . 6 Tremendous source of new teaching materials. Educators interested in our online journal will certainly offer support and advice on different issues. We would like you to feel involved and help get the ball rolling. Over time, our hope " Dz learning English 24/7" will become a great source inspiration for all teachers,students and educators…

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