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default PDP & PPU lesson frame par NADIA44

on Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:52 pm
PDP lesson frame

lesson - PDP & PPU lesson frame  par NADIA44  Empty par NADIA44 le Lun Jan 02, 2012 11:43 am


Clear Learning Objectives

lessons are ones in which the main learning objective involves the
students demonstrating that they have understood a text which would
normally be challenging for them because of its language, style or

Ø Uses observable verbs describing student behavior.

PRE STAGE – Students become familiar with the topic, the language and essential vocabulary they will use during the lesson.

Ø Activates schema through use of visuals, topic-related discussion, or prediction.

Ø Provides background and situation related to the text in an interactive way.

Ø Pre-teaches or introduces key vocabulary and language structures related to the text.

- Students interact directly with the text a number of times, each time
with a specific purpose that leads the students to gradually gain a
more detailed understanding of the text.

Ø Provides multiple opportunities (at least three) for students to hear/read the text.

Ø Each listening/reading has an interactive task requiring some kind of response from the students.

Ø Tasks
move from general to specific understanding. From getting the main idea
to looking for specific, discrete pieces of information/individual

Ø Allows time for students
to check comprehension, as questions, clarify vocabulary and move toward
deeper understanding of the text.

– Students’ understanding of the text is reinforced through expanding
on the text or personalizing the topic using other language skill areas
(speaking or writing)

Ø Requires students to be creative and to expand on the text or personalize the topic using other skills.

Ø Allows students to reinforce the new vocabulary words/language structures using other skills.
PPU lesson frame

lesson - PDP & PPU lesson frame  par NADIA44  Empty par NADIA44 le Lun Jan 02, 2012 11:41 am


Clear Learning Objectives

    Written in terms of: At
    the end of the lesson, students will be able to……
  • Includes specific target language, observable verbs describing student behavior AND a communicative task.

PRESENTATION STAGE - Students become familiar with the topic, the language and essential vocabulary they will use during the lesson.

Ø Elicits background knowledge related to topic or language point

Ø Finds out what the students already know related to the lesson.

Ø Provides background and situation – activates schema

Ø Introduces vocabulary/language structures inductively or deductively when appropriate

Ø Gives students time to write and reflect on new language structures or vocabulary and ask questions.

– Students go through a process of internalizing information in order
to prepare for later communication by practicing the language in various
ways moving from “teacher-controlled” to “student-centered” activities.

Ø Provides a variety of types of activities that focus on the target material/language.

Ø Teacher’s involvement gradually decreases as students take more control and move from controlled to freer practice.

Ø Uses
independent pair and groupwork with teacher monitoring to gradually
increase student talking time and decrease teacher talking time.

Ø Teacher
involvement in pair/groupwork is limited to error correction related to
target language and clarification of instructions as needed.

Ø Allows students to demonstrate their understanding as the teacher monitors and helps as necessary.

Ø Prepares
students for the “Use” stage where they will be able to use the
language on their own, mostly independently of the teacher, written
prompts etc.

USE STAGE – Students spontaneously produce the language required for the whole, real life task, real communication.

Ø Personalizes the material so that students use the language they have learned to talk about themselves, their lives, etc.

Ø Requires students to be creative with and expand on the target language in a real context.

Ø Allows students to demonstrate their independent control or learning of the new language/material.

Teacher involvement is limited to monitoring and checking on progress toward achievement of student learning objectives

lesson - PDP & PPU lesson frame  par NADIA44  Empty

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