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default Geography Book: Atlas of The World’s Deserts

on Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:27 pm
Atlas of the World's Deserts!!

book - Geography Book: Atlas of The World’s Deserts  2wnmclwgv7

Nathaniel Harris

are beautiful places, even when unforgiving of those who do not respect
their nature. This is an attractive book, written for the
nonspecialist, that portrays that nature with a wealth of simple maps,
lovely photographs, and considerable basic introductory information.
Topical chapters, each dealing with some general characteristic such as
physical geography, plants, or animals, are interspersed with atlas
sections on the deserts of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia and
the Poles (the arid "cold deserts" of the Arctic and Antartica). Each
major desert area is described by a dcidcilocation map, a larger desert
map, a sentence or two about specific areas identified on the map, a
fact file, and illustrations of some unique attributes. The deserts are
not always easy to find on the small dcidcilocation maps.

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